Kind Words: The Glue That Helps Keep Us Together

Kind Words is the youngest reader’s book on teaching positive, healthy communication. Geared for ages five and up, Kind Words explores the difference between kind, helpful talk versus mean, hurtful talk. The reader will explore how they feel when different words are spoken, that it is not their fault when hurtful words are said, they are not alone, and it is okay to ask for help if they feel afraid or confused. Sometimes people need help.

About the author.

Jeni D Davenport has an ear for connecting and collaborating with children, young people, and families encouraging them to keep moving forward be learning new skills, creating positive relationships, and advocating for safe and healthy homes. Jeni is a mom of three children, former foster mom, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and has earned her Masters degree in Health Science, Community Health Education. She is an active community leader and coach mentoring young people and their families on wellness, leadership and life challenges.

Jeni Davenport


“5-star rating for a children’s book!

There is nothing I didn’t love about the book. The title itself is child-friendly and playful. Then as you go through the book, you are reminded that kind words are the glue that helps keep us together. As an adult, it did stick in my mind as well, and this is good to send the message of kindness across and allow children to retain it.

As you can see, it is unlike most children’s books you encounter. It includes illustrative examples as to what kind words are like. It also makes a child both think and feel – once again, a good combination as a strategy to make learning more concrete. What stood out for me was the presentation of kind words versus mean words.

I find it realistic and well-balanced because while kind words are desirable, mean words do exist. It is better to present them to children so they can be taught how to deal with it instead of ignoring them and have children deal with them on their own.

Finally, the best part for me is the emphasis made on being kind to yourself. I guess you cannot be kind to others when you are not kind to yourself first.”

-David Miller


Maria Lopez - GoodReads

Start them young and start them right with this book!  


I’ve always believed in the saying, ‘start them young’. And this was especially solidified when I studied developmental psychology at the university. Childhood is such a critical stage in development and is the best time to mold children with the proper life values and skills. I continue to work with children to this day, and I’m always on the lookout for great books I can use as a resource.


A colleague in the field recommended it to me, and I understood why. I found everything in this book highly desirable. You know how some Youtube videos for children turn out to be nonsense sometimes? Well, it is the opposite with this one. Kind Words is profound but organized in a way that can be understood easily. I am excited to use it with the kids!

Donald Wilson - GoodReads

Not your typical book for children.


More than a children’s book, it appeals to the readers, which I believe is an effective way of helping children imbibe the value of using kind words. This is teaching at the usual cognitive level when children can easily forget about it.


In relation to this, Kind Words, is an interactive book that can help kids explore their feelings in an in-depth manner. It poses questions like how a kid would feel when they receive kind words or mean words. Exploring such feelings are important in helping them understand why kindness is preferred over meanness in interacting with others.


I will let my daughter read it, and we will learn from the experience together.

Susan Hill - GoodReads

Beautiful illustrations with an even lovelier take on the value kinds words bring.


I found an interesting variety of layout designs, so kids and parents won’t get bored. They will stay glued to the graphics the same way I did. I’m like a child at heart, and I enjoyed being a kid again when I checked the book out for my twins.


As an adult, I appreciated how the author included bullying as a pertinent topic. Sad to say that when I was still teaching in high school, I had to deal with the worst forms of bullying with my students. Of course, it wasn’t easy trying to appease both parties, so I realized that if any bullying program is to be effective, it must start as early as primary school. I plan to show this to Alex and Alexa’s preschool teacher as a suggested activity with the parents. The emphasis of the activity should be on how to ask for help in case bullying is experienced.


If you are looking for more in a children’s book, Kind Words certainly gives you so much more!


Margaret Scott - GoodReads

“Kind Words: the glue that helps keep us together” is full of treasures for a book. First off, it is full of examples that children can learn from as a foundation for formulating kind words on their own. It is specific on how to do it, how to say it, where, why, and how often.


However, it doesn’t stop there. You can see the author’s intention for the book is not only to scratch the surface, but to change society through the kids, parents, families, and significant others. It delves into the opposite side of the story that means words exist, and one should not feel guilty when these words are thrown at them. In fact, they should report the incident and ask for help.


You will learn a lot even as an adult through this book.

Nancy Baker - GoodReads

A productive activity for parents and kids to do together!

At first glance, I find the cover to be both child and adult-friendly with its neat, simple, and colorful artistry. But more importantly, the same holds true inside. I can see how kids and parents, or other adults can read it together and learn a lot from it. It presents you with different topics to discuss as well as thoughts and feelings to explore. In fact, I cannot wait to read it with my kids!

I need to express my admiration for the author, Jeni Davenport. I mean, she composed it at a child-friendly level, and in the end, you discover that Kind Words can fall under the bigger umbrella of how to prevent emotional abuse. I didn’t know that was what she was driving at initially, but she skillfully dealt with it in the book and made it fun for the kids. You could benefit from this book!

George Taylor - GoodReads

I like this book for children because the author is not afraid to go deep! I was reviewing it before giving it to my little niece, and I learned a lot myself. One day, she blurted some hurtful words at me, and I was shocked when she said that I don’t know anything. I didn’t know how to respond with her being mean, so I thought of reading a book with her.

This way, she wouldn’t feel like I was confronting her directly and allow her to open her feelings with me. I already shared the story with her mom, and she liked the method through the book. I realized that the issue within my niece might be deeper, and this would be a good start. A resource page for adults was provided at the end of the book, so I used it to help my niece further.

Edward Moore - GoodReads

Kind Words offers a comprehensive approach to values integration. It covers both the good and the bad so that children would know how to deal with both courageously.

My takeaway from the book is that kind words are for kids to learn and for the adults to model and teach. Yes, kids can learn, but when the adults support that learning through modeling good behavior, that lesson becomes solid.

I especially appreciate that it involves everyone from the home to the school – everyone who plays a significant part in the lives of growing children – to reinforce learning. I strongly recommend it to those whose mission is to produce children who value kindness and abhor meanness.

Dorothy Green - Goodreads

Surprisingly, I found a soothing and heart-warming respite in this book for children.

There are many aspects of the book that I liked, but I particularly liked that it linked to the unity in the family, workplace, and society. In this way, more meaning and purpose is attached to saying kind words instead of saying it because it is what’s socially acceptable.

The author explicitly showed how kind words can act as the glue that will keep us together. It is comforting that we can do this if we work together because our love is what makes the world go round.

Great work by the emphatic author!

Lisa Adams - Goodreads

Kind Words is a profound book.

One solid strength of this book is presenting kind words versus not-so-kind words since it is an effective way of showing the pros and cons. It gives children a clear idea of how to distinguish kind words against mean words, so they know what to say more and what to avoid.
In addition, there was a section that checks how the family is on the use of mean words, and that jolted me on how I am as a parent at home. Sometimes as adults, we are not that conscious of our language, and it gets picked up by our kids. I needed that reminder to be more aware of how I say things and how it affects my kids.

Kind Words is an inspiring picture book that is ideal for children. The book basically teaches about how people can express kindness to others in a selfless way.

In today’s fast-paced world, being kind to others is an attitude that is rare to find. Lots of people now think only about themselves and their own feelings without considering others. This is the sad reality where we now find ourselves. However, this book is coming when it is most needed, and is very essential to not just children alone, but adults as well.

Kind Words can help inspire young ones to always consider other peoples’ feelings and to use kind words when passing their message across.

This book has lots of inspiring words/sentences that were accompanied with glossy cartoon-like pictures, and is highly recommended for children because it will help to shape their worldview positively.

In addition, it has a section where it outlined how to detect signs of physical abuse in children, as well as tips on how to stay safe in certain situations.

— Official Review, (4 out of 5 stars)

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