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Life is a marathon and I am your coach.

Connecting, Collaborating, and Creating healthy and kind relationships with yourself, your core family, and your community with the hearts to move forward through life’s marathon of seasons, journeys, and experiences is what this marathon is all about. Together we reset your confidence and create the relationships, the memories, and the laughter that you deserve. Life is a marathon and I am your coach.

Speaking Inquiries

Jeni speaks in different venues for a variety of different reasons: wellness, leadership, mentoring, resilience, and even emergency services. One of her passion’s is helping young people. She is  part of the Speaker’s Bureau for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator and enjoys sharing her knowledge about how to establish and maintain positive connections with young people and their adults. 

Jeni has a heart for others and creating “Kind Words: The Glue That Helps Keep Us Together” book is only her beginning for supporting positive change in our world, one conversation at time, one person at a time, and one book at a time. She is currently publishing her next children’s book, “Sailing to the Highest Peak.”

Jeni is currently scheduling times for one of the two below topics:


Kind Words: "Connecting Communities with Conversation"

Provides an age-appropriate interactive community style conversation about healthy relationships within peer groups, community, and at home. The earlier we can teach healthy communication skills and confident boundary identification, the sooner we can create safe, happy, healthy relationships reducing and preventing family, domestic, and dating violence.

Kind Words: The Glue That Helps Keep Us Together

Is a children’s picture book released May 2019 that gently introduces different communication styles and how sometimes mean talk happens at home and that it is not their fault, nor are they alone, if they find themselves in an unsafe situation. This book was created for the earliest reader but can easily provide a segue for deeper conversations with teens and young adults.

Connecting Communities with Conversation

Happy, Healthy Family Talk for Families with Pre-teens and older

Learning Modules:

1. Commence: Make a decision to begin communicating with kindness

2. Clarify: Identify the positive outcome you desire from the communication effort

3. Commit: Acknowledge  your values are and how your communication represents those values

4. Consider: Take a moment to think about what the other person may be thinking or feeling

5. Confide: Be transparent and admit to yourself and own your feelings in the situation (why do you feel this way)

6. Contrite: Be remorseful if you have done any wrongdoing or had wrong motives

7. Create: Learn how to set yourself up for success

8. Connect: Book a time to talk to each other or ask if they are able to be present before talking

9. Communicate: Start the conversation in the right setting, with the right motives, representing your values, knowing what outcome you are aiming for, identifying your feelings, and using kind language

10. Collaborate: Prepare to give and take, meet in the middle, be open to another solution

Kind Words Workshop K-5

Mini Workbook Modules from the book Kind Words: The Glue That Helps Keep Us Together:

1. Kind words act like glue

2. Count to three. Be kind. Let them be. It’s not about me.

3. Stay calm, cool, and collected. Then go get connected.

Click here to download the mini workbook.

Self-Talk Sanctified

Introduction to creating a healthy script

1) to frame your everyday life;

2) identify patterns in your internal dialogue that affect your body;

3) learn ways to re-frame your thoughts and habitually redirect any negative thinking; and

4) ACHIEVE PEACE as you “RELEASE THE GEESE.” (60 min) workbook included. 

Want the book only?

Order here and Jeni will send you a complimentary bookmark, wristband, and stickers for your young person to enjoy. 


Click on the workbook to download!

Community conversations for “Young People”

Our Community Conversations are tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience in a school, community, or place of worship setting. Some of our most popular topics are fairly Tough Topic Stuff. Create a Wellness Workshop by combining several topics together. Our Wellness Workshops can include topics such as:

  • Healthy Family Talk using the book Kind Words: The Glue That Helps Keep Us Together
  • Mentoring Mantra: Connect With Others Positively
  • How to Really Connect With Others
  • Going From Bullying To Best Friends 
  • Is Your Parent Have a Meltdown (and what to do about it)
  • Supporting Your Peers Through Crisis Response
  • Grief Journeys: How To Support Someone
  • Emerging Into Adulthood: What Does That Mean
  • Defining Success For You (Not Your Parents)
  • Your Backpack for Life: Do You Have What You Need To Be Successful
  • Understanding That Parents Aren’t Perfect: Parenting Your Parents
  • It’s Not About You: How To Successfully Communicate With A Difficult Person


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