Which SuperHero Cape Will You Wear Today?

Which SuperHero Cape Will You Wear Today?

I don’t know about you; but being a parent of three children in the age range from 9-18, working full time, leading a volunteer organization of teenagers (like a lot of them), co-parenting, and coaching- I have several capes I need to wear. Most of the time, I wear several at once. I am pretty good about balancing it all somehow. There is usually always at least one cape that I must have on at all times because someone somewhere needs something right now.

I’m sure you can relate. Whether you are mid-season parenting with or without a career, with or without a partner, life can be really busy. Even into the later season, careers are still pumping out demands, grandchildren or extended family are in and out and in and out AGAIN. Non-stop shopping, non-stop texting, talking, training, and “teching.” Health challenges arise, relocations, vacations, and oh, right, life surprises step in and we sometimes have ALL the capes on our body, in our bag, covering our head, or dragging behind trying to keep up as we now go to the hospital, unannounced of course. I know you can relate.

What surprised me the other day was…wait a minute…I’m listening…hmm…nothing today?… my ears must be waxed in, my phone is dead, what’s wrong… OH MY GOODNESS…what am I going to wear? I DO NOT NEED a cape today. The lake is quiet. The sea is calm. I must be dreaming. Silence. I can be without a cape? Should I? Could I? like not wear one and still be me? To breathe fully without counting to 10 or displaying my secret superhero “I can handle anything” smile, would be so…. AUTHENTIC, so SURREAL…

CapeAnd that my friends, that is the day I am reminded that I am more than a crisis management queen, more than a mediator or an ATM machine, more than someone’s solution and an answer to that customer or family member who is so very mean.

I am a beautiful, calm, lovely, human being who can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee and the happy, smiling faces beaming at me (yes folks, they are out there). Because there IS beauty, there IS laughter, there IS love for you and me in the midst of the perceived, controlled, uncontrolled, and crazy chaos. I PROMISE. So, when the tide is calm, take note, breathe, enjoy, be good to yourself, and just be… Be YOU.

Take deep, long breathes. Look out. Notice the beauty. Notice the goodness. Notice how awesome you are. Notice how amazing other people are and just be in the moment. Stay there. It is fleeting. But stay there, right there. That’s it. Recognize that you are being still. And notice that you are doing it, you are living your life.

You are going after what is important to you and trying your hardest to make it work. You are a superhero because you keep going. Be tall. Be strong. Be still and take notice that you are AMAZING! …. You really are. Say it, “I am AMAZING.” I survived. I conquered. I overcame. I persevered. I lived. I loved. I am progressing. I am moving forward. I am ready. I am creating my life. I am.

And then your phone wakes up and it’s time. You reach into your bag, and you know which cape you need right away. You can do this with your eyes closed. You are that good! Keep rocking it and living the dream, the life you want and deserve! Be that superhero for yourself first, then go out and change the world! Xo Jeni