The Standing Mountain

Reach your pinnacle

with Jeni Davenport




I really appreciate having the opportunity to grow as a founder and leader. With every level of growth, I am facing new experiences and I am really excited about being the best that I can be with the help of your fantastic guidance! 


CO-founder, NEW YORK

Jeni has helped me to create frameworks to better manage critical decisions at my company. She has also provided valuable advice on how to navigate challenging conversations across my personal life. After every call she sends a thoughtful recap filled with detailed notes and practical takeaways. I’m incredibly grateful for her!

Jon SukhiA

Founder of Topkey in San Francisco, CA

“Jeni has helped me with overall life transition bringing her compassion, insight, and authority to each session. I feel at home with Jeni. She brings a sense of calmness that allows me to be open-minded and willing to follow through on strategies we discuss.”

—Robert Martin

Retired Army and Antique Appraiser, Massachusetts

“Meeting with you is good for me. I feel like I can be vulnerable and talk about what is on my mind. You are able to keep me accountable with implementing new leadership techniques without me feeling resistant.”


— Matthew Smith

Founder of Mazuma Go, Canada

Jeni is my secret weapon as a solo founder. My sessions with her are hands down the most impactful time I spend each month. She helps me get out of my own way, grow as a founder/human-being and ultimately achieve my goals. I can’t recommend her enough.

— Jayme Hoffman

Founder of Cabal, Tennessee

“I appreciate my sessions with Jeni because she has helped me with techniques to better connect with my family, especially with so much going on at home and in my practices.”

— Dr. Kishore Lakshman, MD


“You are really good at this. You are objective and straight forward. I appreciate all that you have done for me!”



I leave our sessions feeling more grounded and prepared for the challenges in my work and personal life, and always learn one or two specific new skills or approaches that I’m ready to employ right away.


— Dr. David Cunningham, MD

Owner of Multiple Medical Business Practices, Massachusetts

“I’ve enjoyed working with Jeni because she reminds me to celebrate all the wins, large or small, in my relationships, work, fitness, and wellness. It’s been helpful to talk through upcoming big (and sometimes scary) moments with her, so I can step into them with confidence and calmness. And I always enjoy starting every call with grounding breaths and ending with her telling me that she appreciates me.

— David tran

Co-Founder of Flow Club, San Francisco

“When I began my coaching with Jeni, I was overweight with body aches and super stressed out. She helped me with food strategies, daily routines, and staying in tune with my body’s way of communicating. I am now 20 lbs lighter and keeping it off, feeling so much better, and confident that I can stay healthy despite my busy schedule. Thank you!”

— Raquel B.

Entrepreneur, San Diego

“I like what you said about making more time for creativity. I feel more balanced and clear-headed. And I am glad you are here to “poke the bear” and gently help me move towards a decision on my life direction highlighting how each choice will match up with my natural strengths”

— Andrew Cole

Freelance Entrepreneur, World Traveler

“Your empathetic, astute, and effective guidance has become a pillar of strength for me (no pun intended, but it’s perfect) as I navigate the intense life of an entrepreneur and I am grateful to you for all of it!”

— Hootan Mahallati

CO-Founder of HyperSeed, Germany

“Thank you for enriching our lives!”



“Working with Jeni has helped me grow as a leader by using my natural strengths and style. I like that she helps me refocus my attention on the most important issues providing guidance as needed.”

— Ricky Yean

CO-Founder of flow club, SAN FRANCISCO

“What I have received from the past weeks interacting with Jeni is MORE THAN WHAT I COULD HAVE EVER ASKED FOR.

I have learned much more about how to see myself in a positive way after working with Jeni. The amount of RESPECT that Jeni has DEMONSTRATED TOWARDS ME within the few weeks I have known her has allowed me to trust her better than some of my closest friends. When I started to have challenges, I told her about what I was experiencing instead of going towards the people I usually seek for advice. As a 24 year-old, I try to tackle things on my own or seek help from close friends, but this time I felt as if she would UNDERSTAND MY SITUATION BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE (My prediction was correct). Initially, the guidance she provided sounded “different” from what I was used to hearing, but I tried it out and I FELT MORE CONFIDENT AND IN CONTROL OF MY SITUATION THAN EVER BEFORE.

She was SPOT-ON with her predictions of what was occurring in my relationship and provided solutions that not only required me to set personal boundaries but also to practice a new mindset that allowed me to TAKE OWNERSHIP OF CREATING THE LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS THAT I DESERVE, one full of respect, honor, and love. These concepts have made a difference in the way I see myself and live my life. If I did not talk to Jeni about my issues at hand, I would have probably continued to be in a relationship that was unhealthy for me and have a negative outlook on things. Her advice is not only suitable for the present, but also carries on to the future.” State University student



“Dear Jeni, your upbeat enthusiasm and kind concern for all of us are obvious in your personal connections. Thank you for your friendship. Super fun crossing off a bucket list item with you!”



Ray M.

Retired executive, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA

“Jeni, I can’t thank you enough. Your continued support and direction was essential in my success. I lost over 100 pounds and I feel great and I am doing what I love to do without the extra assistance. Thank you!”

— Jim Riley,


“When I first met Jeni, I was so stressed out, having a hard time adjusting to my new neighborhood, and was tired and achy. Jeni helped me with an easy exercise routine, encouraged me to try new things, and provided very helpful stability techniques when I am dizzy. I am now enjoying a leadership role in my community, a flexible and less stressed body, and the skills to stay safe and vertical. ”


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